Ewethful's Monthly Fiber Subscription Club, Starting December 2018

We are so excited to announce the beginning of our Monthly Fiber Subscription Club. December 2018 will be the first month of the club! Registration opening soon!...

Fiber will be processed here at Ewethful Fiber Mill and each month's subscription will include at least 2oz of fiber in batt or roving form. Occasionally there will be an option as to the roving packaging so please let us know if you prefer roving in bumps, loose in a bag or balls. We will do the best to accommodate your preference (fiber does sometimes have a mind of its own).

We will strive to keep the fiber fun and local. We will be seeking out lovely fleeces from local shepherds as much as possible but will reach out to other states to keep the selection varied. The fiber will range all different types including wool, alpaca, llama, pygora, qiviut, etc. We will have pure breeds in addition to interesting crosses and blends as they arise. A couple things are for sure, they will be lovely fibers, they will be processed at Ewethful and they will be fun to spin!

In addition to the fiber there will also be special surprise gift in each package.

Each month's fiber will be shipped out the first week of each month. Because we mill in small batches, those in the subscription club will be able to order more of the month's fiber while supplies last thru the 15th of the month. After the 15th we will open up the option for others to purchase remaining supplies of the fiber. If you love the fiber and need more, as a monthly subscriber you get 1st dibs!

Please note in the comments section if you have any specific fiber allergies and we will accommodate them as best as possible.



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