891 W 1st St.
Halsey, OR 97348

PO Box 164
Halsey, OR 97348




We are located in the small farming community of Halsey, OR. Being Halsey residents with a family history in the area we thought it was important to keep our business local. The surrounding towns of Brownsville and Harrisburg both had wool mills in the early 1900s(?) so we loved the idea of bringing wool processing back to the South Valley! Plus you don’t have to drive far to see sheep and other fiber animals roaming the grass fields.

We were lucky and excited to settle ourselves in our current building that has a rich history in Halsey. It was built back in the 1870’s and served as both the town washing machine supplier and mortuary. The building also served as a dance hall in the upstairs loft and most Halsey long-timers remember it as the local hardware store. Prior to the mill its last use was as an auctioneer house. The building is one of the last standing historical buildings on what used to be Halsey’s main street.

Over the years the building fell into disrepair being left vacant. A leaky roof and no heat left it susceptible to deterioration. We have put a lot of time and love back into the building and while the work on it may never be done, we are excited to open it back up as a creative space in which we have a thriving fiber arts community. We are thrilled to be the current owners of this historic building and to bring such a unique craft back to the area!