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We create locally sourced hand spinning fibers and teach online courses for hand spinners and for those wanting to learn the craft of yarn making.



Shop small batch American grown yarns and fibers with light processing and low environmental impact.

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From the basics to more advanced skills, learn a relaxing craft that gives you the freedom to make your own yarn just the way you like.

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I love the fiber community and I love sharing all I learn at the mill. Check here often for free virtual tours, spinning tips and more!

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Let's Make Yarn

A comprehensive step by step online course for beginners on how to create handspun yarn. Go from being an interested observer to a crafty handspinner creating your own beautiful yarn with a solid understanding of how to work with your spinning wheel.

A new 4 week group coaching zoom session starts each month!

Learn to Spin Long Draw

This is a mini course where I teach you to handspin yarn on a spinning wheel with the long draw technique. Whether you are a beginner that can spin a singles yarn or have been spinning for several years, this course is for you.

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By Appointment

Available for groups by appointment. Cost is $15 per person with a 3 person minimum charge of $45. Kim will provide a personal tour of behind the scenes of the mill and how Ewethful yarn is made from raw fleece to finished product. Please note that for liability reasons the equipment will likely not be running but will be set up to demonstrate what it does. Following the mill tour the mill shop will be set up for shopping and browsing with a 15% discount for purchases made. The tour and shopping last about an hour or so dependent on questions and curiosity. 

We are currently opening the Mill shop once per month for shopping and a Maker's meet-up. Please feel free to join our newsletter for updates on shop open dates in addition to other events, new products and quick tips!

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Small farms + a mini mill = a lot of yarn love!