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Processing and spinning locally sourced yarns and fibers for the conscientious maker, allowing you to Know Your Wool.

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891 W 1st St.
Halsey, OR 97348


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Available for groups by appointment. Cost is $15 per person with a 3 person minimum charge of $45. Kim will provide a personal tour of behind the scenes of the mill and how Ewethful yarn is made from raw fleece to finished product. Please note that for liability reasons the equipment will likely not be running but will be set up to demonstrate what it does. Following the mill tour the mill shop will be set up for shopping and browsing with a 15% discount for purchases made. The tour and shopping last about an hour or so dependent on questions and curiosity. 

Regular group meet-ups are currently on hold due to the Covid 19 pandemic.
Please feel free to email or join our newsletter for updates on events.

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About Us

Our mission at Ewethful Fiber Mill is to fill making hands with small batch American grown yarns and fibers. We strive to produce lightly processed products that maintain their character, have low environmental impact and tell the stories of the animals and shepherds from whence they came.