Do you use your own wool for your products?

I do use wool from my own small flock of Shetland sheep. I go through my own wool pretty quick so in addition I buy raw wool from local shepherds that I then process out and turn into fibers for handspinners and other fiber lovers.

Do you buy wool from others?

I do definitely buy wool so please feel free to reach out via email if you have wool you are trying to sell. Things to note before you email: I buy individual fleeces, although I often by many at once. I do NOT buy bales, truckloads, or piles. I ask that your wool has been stored safely from moths and rodents. Some vegetable matter is okay buy not heavy levels.

Does the Mill retail shop have specific open hours?

The mill shop is open 1 to 2 Saturdays a month. The best way to stay up-to-date on shop open days is to join the Ewethful newsletter.


Do you do custom processing for others?

I no longer do custom processing but here are some other local mills you can try. I encourage you to reach out to the different ones to see which will be able to process your fiber type best.


Rodgers Family Mill


Soundview Fiber Mill

Skagit Woolen Works

Compass Rose Wool Mill


Valley Oak Wool Mill


What is your return policy on retail items?

All returns must be made within two weeks of receiving the product with good reason for the return.

What is your shipping policy on retail items?

Retail items purchased online generally ship in 1-3 business days unless otherwise noted in the listing.