Services & Rates

*Our waiting list for processing is currently full. To keep aware of when it will reopen, please subscribe to our email list, as this is the only place we make notices about the waitlist. Thanks for your patience!

We are proud of our processing services, and offer a number of options. If you'd like to place a processing order, please contact us. After scheduling, we'll provide you the necessary forms to fill out and submit.


Processing services include:


We ask that skirting be done prior to arrival at the mill. Additional skirting will be charged at $30/hour. If we feel additional skirting is required, we will do so without contacting you. Skirting means removing all soiled/manured areas, stomach areas, vegetable matter, weak areas and second cuts. The better skirted your fiber, the better your end product.


Washing (based on incoming raw weight):

  • $10/lb. washing only. If a second wash is required it will be an additional $5/lb.
  • $8/lb. with other processing

We recommend allowing us to wash your fiber for you as we are able to more easily wash it to the standards required for our machines. If you have washed the fiber yourself and it is found to need another washing we will do so without contacting you and you will be charged the additional fee.


Dehairing (based on washed weight)

Our machine fiber separator is used to separate out course hair from clean, grease free fiber. The typical uses for this are for double coated wool and for removing guard hairs from alpaca, llama, pygora, cashmere, yak, buffalo, and dog.

This machine can also be used to separate out excessive vegetable matter.

  • $15 - $40/lb. dependent on fiber type and number of passes needed thru machine


Picking (based on finished weight)

Picking is machine opening up of the fibers in preparation for carding. This is also the stage at which blending can be done. Our website contains most of our blending options with pictures. Please call us to discuss and set up your blending design.

Included with carding.

  • $8/lb. Picking/blending without further processing. Fiber will be sent out to you loose in bags.
  • Additional cost of fiber applies if using blending fibers available from Ewethful. (See page).
  • There may be an additional charge if handpicking is required.


Picking & Carding (based on finished weight)

Carding is the process of separating and aligning the fibers, either into batts or roving. Batts are generally used for felting while roving is great for hand spinning. There is a minimum batch size charge of 3 lbs. as there is extensive cleaning of equipment that takes place during each batch. We are able to process less than 3 lbs., but the 3 lb. minimum charge will be applied to your bill.

  • $14/lb. Loose Roving, roving bumps, clouds & batts


Pin Drafting (based on weight after carding)

Pin-drafting is the process of further aligning the fibers after carding, creating a more consistent and smoother roving. This produces a semi-worsted roving. If not continuing on to yarn, pin drafted roving will be returned to you loose in a box.

  • $18/lb. includes machine picking and carding


Blending Fibers

Ecru Merino Top (21 microns) - $2/oz.

Ecru Dyed Top (21 microns) - $2.5/oz.

Dyed Bamboo - $1.50/oz.

Tussah silk and nylon flashing are also available.