Suffolk Wool Roving - Great for Beginners - 4oz

Suffolk Wool Roving - Great for Beginners - 4oz

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This is a lovely natural white 100% Suffolk wool roving. Locally grown down the road from Kim this is the wooliest of wools. This wool is fantastic for beginning handspinners given it's processing and slight toothiness.

This is a great multi-purpose wool. It will make nice socks, hats, mitts and other outerwear items. It most likely is not suitable for those next to skin spots that are more sensitive to itch.

Suffolks are Down Breeds of sheep meaning they have a dense very springy wool that is not prone to felting.

I am consistently skirting, washing and carding up more of this roving so it may take an extra week or two to ship depending on demand at the time you order. If for some reason it is out of stock, please feel free to email an inquiry into me at ewethfulfiberfarm@

Grown in Harrisburg, Oregon.

Sold 4oz in loose roving.