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Shetland Roving Oatmeal 6.25

Shetland Roving Oatmeal 6.25

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This is off of Ewethful's own Andy, who just happens to be the cover model sheep for our website! This was grown, washed and carded here in Oregon at the Ewethful Mill. We shear our Shetland's twice per year so the staple length averages about 3 inches and tends to be less weathered than when we leave it on for the full year.

Andy is a musket colored Shetland so his fiber cards out to a slightly tweed-ish oatmeal or beige-ish color.There is very minimal amount of VM in this roving which should drop out with spinning.

A sample picture of a handspun skein of Andy's fiber is posted as an example. This listing is for the roving only.

Thank you!