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Romeldale/CVM roving - 4oz

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This is Romeldale/CVM fleece grown right here in Oregon. A rare find and a delight to spin. Romeldale/CVM is a fine wool breed and good for next to skin garments.

There is some pilling in this fiber so depending on how you spin it you may get a more tweedy effect. If you are looking for a perfectly smooth future yarn, this batch is not for you. There are pictures of sample yarns of this fiber spun long draw. Romeldale does bloom a lot during it's soak.

Natural Color options (please choose from the drop down menu):

Steely gray

Marled brown. This is a blend of natural white and natural brown. Due to the blend the colors vary throughout the roving between lighter and darker browns.

As most of our fibers and yarns, this is a small batch so please order all you need now before it is out of stock!