PLEASE NOTE: The mill & shop will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, 11/22/18.
Northwest Regional Spinners Association Monthly Meetings, 1st Sunday of the Month.

Northwest Regional Spinners Association Monthly Meetings, 1st Sunday of the Month.

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Next meeting November 4th, 2018 Ewethful will be hosting the monthly meetings for our Area's Northwest Regional Spinners Association meeting. The meetings will be the first Sunday of each month from 1pm-4pm.

Meetings will follow a "fairly" organized flow. There will be a demonstration or topic of about 15 minutes at the beginning of each meeting. This will be followed by Show & Tell and social spinning. And a Potluck!!!

The NwRSA seeks to promote the craft of handspinning by providing support and being a source of communication for spinners throughout the region. The goal of these meetings is that we all can come together, learn from each other, share and socialize in a fun creative environment. If you are not an Association member, please feel free to come to a meeting or two. There is no pressure to join, but if you decide you would like to, we will make it very easy for you. If you are a member but not in our area, of course, come! If you are not in our area but would like to join our Area, come! We will gladly help you join. Single membership fee is $25.

Show and Tell is totally optional participation. We all love to show off our work so this is simply a chance to do that. If you decide to share, please be mindful of time and keep your explanations short and sweet. Who knows, maybe you'll be doing the next demo?!!!

Potluck. Food, we love food at Ewethful. It would be great to have a balance to the potluck as this does fall "sort of" in the lunchtime hour. For now let's just leave it open and if we feel like we need to balance it out better we can always organize a bit more in the future. If you can't bring food, still come! Maybe nextime?!

Long and short of it, all are welcome. Whether you are a long time spinner or just considering taking up this hobby, all are welcome!

If you have a chair that is easy to bring and spin in please feel free to bring along!

Future meetings:

Kick Off Meeting, October 7th. Tour of the Ewethful Mill by Kim Biegler.

November 4th. Long Draw Demo by Sandy Halonen.

December 2nd. Using a Blending Board Demo by Cindy Leming.

January 6th. Chain Plying Demo by Jody Buktenica