Monthly Yarn Club Black Sheep Level

Monthly Yarn Club Black Sheep Level

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This is for our new Yarn Club at the Black Sheep level. You will receive two skeins, a pattern and a specialty gift item. Orders received from now thru February will be for the March 2022 shipment. 

I know there are a lot of yarn subscription clubs out there but this one will be very different! You will not just be getting the same or similar yarn each month in different colors. Instead the yarn I create for the Club will made specially for members and just like the Fiber Club the focus will be using wools and animal fibers that we grow here in the PNW. Your yarn will be coming to you from the barn, to the Mill and then to your home. You'll literally "Know Your Wool." If you have mostly knit with commercially processed yarns, this will be a new experience for you! The different breeds of sheep and blends of fibers that I create will feel different, look different and definitely work up with its own unique character each quarter.

The weights of the yarn will change dependent on how I think the finished yarn will work up. There will also be a mix between natural colored and dyed up yarns. So basically you never quite know what will be in the box. So fun!

Your box will include 2 skeins of yarn totaling 420 yards, a pattern and a specialty gift item.

Price of box includes shipping in the continental United States.