Gulf Coast Native wool roving

Gulf Coast Native wool roving

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Limit 1 per person! 4oz loose roving. 

This is Gulf Coast Native wool roving. I had one lovely fleece that was grown in Central Oregon by Roy-Bob Farm. The wool carded up beautifully and so displays so much crump and bounce even in roving form. 

A little about Gulf Coast Native

They are a critically endangered sheep breed according to the American Livestocks Breed Conservancy. A very underrated sheep that was brought to the southeast by Spanish explorers as a source of food. 

They were basically a feral breed of sheep that survived and adapted via natural selection. Due to this adaptation they now have high resistance to parasites, foot rot, etc. - a theme among heritage breed sheep.

They primarily reside in the SE United States and are a dual purpose breed that is used for meat and wool although sadly the wool is often overlooked. I hope this wool will give some hand spinners a chance to enjoy spinning it and appreciate a new wool. 

To find out more about this breed head to the Gulf Coast Native Breeders Association