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Free Demonstration! Handspinning with Seed Beads, Saturday October 26th, 11am-12pm

Free Demonstration! Handspinning with Seed Beads, Saturday October 26th, 11am-12pm

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Date: Saturday October 26th, 11am - 12pm (all welcome to stay and spin after the demo is complete)

Cost: Free!

We are lucky enough to have Connie Williams of Scio Oregon coming to do a free demonstration of handspinning with seed beads. You are welcome to come and watch, or try it yourself with your wheel.

If you would like to participate in the demo you will need to do a little homework in advance...

If you wish to spin along during Connie's Handspinning with Seed Beads demo on October 26, 2019, you need to spin about 25-30 yards of light color singles on each of two bobbins. You may spin your singles any weight you wish from lace to light worsted.

1. SPIN one single “Z” or CLOCKWISE, the usual direction for spinning a single.

2. OVER-SPIN the second single “S” or COUNTERCLOCKWISE. It will feel very odd to spin a single in the usual plying direction. Go with it and add more twist than normal. How much more twist? Your single will feel a little stiffer than normal and not have more than a couple of sneaky pigtails. The trick is to over-spin to add the same amount of twist you will untwist later in a bead plying step. Don't worry. Your singles don't need to be perfect to complete this exercise.

That's it. Bring your wheel, 2 bobbins with singles, an empty bobbin, lazy kate, and a spool of any color sewing weight thread that fits on your kate to the demo. Connie will provide strung beads. This is a really fun exercise, so do a little prep and make your own beaded yarn on demo day!

No need to register, just come on out!