Shetland Wool Roving, Ewethful's "Dolly" white with gray

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This wool is off of Ewethful's own Dolly, our first lamb born here on the farm. This is her yearling fleece meaning her second shorn fleece. It is stunning, soft and lofty. Spun up I would imagine it to be next to skin soft for most. 

This wool was grown here on our farm, then washed and carded here at the Ewethful Mill. We shear our Shetland's twice per year so the staple length averages about 3 inches and tends to be less weathered than when we leave it on for the full year.

Dolly has a white force with lots of gray drivers throughout so this will be a lovely heathered gray yarn spun up. There is very minimal amount of VM in this roving which should drop out with spinning.

Very limited in supply as Shetlands put out small fleeces so please grab what you'd like now. 

Thank you!