SLOW YARN CRAWLERS, please feel free to email us if you are trying to come through town on a day we are closed. Many times Kim is at the Mill other hours or can make an effort to do so to meet up with you! Have fun Crawling!!!

Processing Forms

*Our waiting list for processing is currently full. We will reopen the waitlist in April or May, 2018. If you have a small batch of 1-2 fleeces, feel free to contact us in case we are able to squeeze it in--we will do our best! Thanks for your patience.

Please contact us regarding your processing needs. We are a small mill with Kim being the sole processor. The value of this is that she alone takes your fiber all the way from raw to a custom finished product. We are trying to meet as many of our clients needs as possible, and will discuss processing times and getting on our waiting list. We do not take your fiber until we are ready to process it. In the meantime please skirt, skirt, skirt and we look forward to working with you!!! 

If you're already confirmed on our schedule, please download the necessary forms here and return them to: Thank you!