Demystifying Handspinning

Explaining the basics of handspinning so you are ready to learn to make your own yarn.

I’m Ready, Save My Spot 

Here’s some of what you will learn in this Webinar:


Spinning Wheel basics
that will identify the different parts of the wheel and how they work


Wool talk so that you feel confident buying the best wool for beginners


Supplies needed to get started—both the necessary and the extras for fun


Getting your Wheel Ready so that once the class begins you are up and running…or treadling


Treadling—let’s get the basics down so you can practice using those feet

Who this is for…

“I want to learn to handspin but there is so much I don’t know about the tools.” 

I will walk you thru the basics so you know what to get in advance and the basics of how a spinning wheel works.

“I’ve never purchased wool before and it seems so overwhelming!”

Don’t worry! I will give you guidance on the best wools for beginners and don’t forget I own a wool mill so have plenty of great wool ready to be purchased and spun.

“I have a wheel but I’m not sure how if it works.”

I’ll walk you thru a typical wheel and give you a quick way to see if it is in working order.

Webinar Schedule

I'm offering this webinar three times—sign up below for whichever time slot works best for you!

Cyber Monday, November 28th at 3pm PST
Tuesday, November 29th at 8am PST
Tuesday, December 6th at 4pm PST


A Note from Kim

Handspinning has given me creative freedom, a new way to relax and a way to feel more connected to where my yarn is coming from. I wish I had known all of the information I am going to share in the webinar when I first started spinning. Heck even in the first few months of spinning! I am hosting this webinar to tell you “yes, you can do this” and to make sure your journey into making your own yarn is seamless and fun.