Private Knitting Classes

Private Knitting Classes

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Private knitting classes are available to absolute beginning and intermediate knitters. Learn to knit or work on that special project with guidance. This is for those who would prefer one-on-one instruction, if your schedule doesn't work with the regular class schedule, or if you want individual assistance on a project or problem. 

The instructor is Sandy Halonen of Monroe, OR, who taught herself to knit when her family moved to Alaska in 1960. Sandy is not only an amazing knitter, but passionate about the craft and enthusiastic about teaching others!

Supplies:  Depend on the instruction needs.  Needles and yarn are provided if you are taking private instruction for an existing group class. 

Cost:  $65 for the first 3 hour lesson; subsequent lessons: $30 for 2 hours, $40 for 3 hours. Dates to be arranged between instructor and student once paid. 

$35 deposit required to schedule the first class. The balance is due at class. This is non-refundable if cancelled within 4 days of the scheduled class. You will be contacted via email to set up the first class and discuss with Sandy, the instructor what you would like help with.