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Knitting Socks 2 at a Time and Toe Up! TBD

Knitting Socks 2 at a Time and Toe Up! TBD

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This is a 3 part series.

Do you find yourself as "one of those people?" The ones who get one sock completed and then just can't seem to bring yourself to get cracking on the 2nd one? This class may be just what you need! Plus you'll be knitting your socks from the toe Up!

Aside from helping those of us with second sock syndrome, there are several other valuable reasons to be a part of this class. Topics covered will include:

  • Reinforcing the toe, heel and sole
  • Converting leg down patterns to toe up patterns
  • Keeping your yarn untangled
  • Matching your socks 
  • Creating a custom fitting sock

This class is for those comfortable with knitting with circular needles.

Students should bring: 

  • two size 1 circular needles (24-32 inch); one size 0 circular needle. If you are a tight knitter, bring two size 2 circular needles; and one size 1 circular needle. We recommend 
  • 100 grams sock yarn (fingering weight)
  • reinforcing thread or yarn
  • tape measure
  • stitch holder

Homework: Using the larger size needle, work a sample: 24 stitches by 32 rows swatch. Please wash and dry before class. We want your socks to really fit, not “stretch to fit.”

Class cost is $65.