Fiber it Forward

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I wrote a blog post over at Being about how and why I price my yarn the way I do. Fiber it Forward is one way I am trying make Ewethful yarn a bit more accessible to everyone!

The idea is that you can in Fiber it forward by putting in a little extra money. I will keep a running total and everytime we raise $40 I will reach out for a person who may enjoy our products but doesn't have the means to purchase them at this time. The $40 raised will allow for 2 skeins of yarn or 8 ounces of fiber to be sent out.

If you would like to participate by donating, please select a dollar amount below and checkout as you normally would.

If you know someone who does not have the financial means to purchase yarns and fibers right now but would enjoy the gift, please feel free to email me with ideas. This person could of course be you. This will all be on the honor system because I like to think that is who is here and visiting Ewethful.

Thank you in advance!