Texel Wool Roving - January 2023 Fiber

Texel Wool Roving - January 2023 Fiber

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This is a stunning natural white roving from the sheep breed Texel. 

A little about Texel sheep. They are a cross of Lincoln and Leicester Longwool and originated on the island of Texel off the Netherlands. They are considered a meat breed so their wool is often overlooked by the wool world and handspinners alike. However the breed has some stunning white wool that spins up like a dream and is quite versatile. The microns tend to range in the high 20s to low 30s making this a great wool (if not overspun) for hats, mitts, socks and outer wear sweaters.

The staple length on these fleeces is about 3-4 inches. Perfection. They had a nice wavy crimp to them with a low luster. Texel wool is also great for felting projects such as needle felting or finished items you would like to felt like a bag. The fiber will take dye well.

The wool was grown by Distracted Acres Farm out of Yamhill, Oregon.

Sold 4oz as loose roving